Remarkable, Innovative: 2019 Bathroom Decor Ideas


Remarkable, Innovative: 2019 Bathroom Decor Ideas. Now, it’s time to decorate your bathroom, which is an area that is often thrown into the background of home decoration! The bathroom decoration trends of 2019 are so remarkable and elegant that we are sure you will want to realize our suggestions as soon as possible. So let’s not wait any longer than you and let’s give the answer to the question of ı How is the bathroom decoration done? Dekorasyon in the style of bathroom designs of 2019.

Ceramics are Ready to Create a Unique Atmosphere
Ina Bring a bath in your mind, iniz we’re confident that most of you will have an area covered with ceramics. But now the use of ceramics in the bathroom is out of the ordinary and thanks to the new ideas we give away from boredom.

Ceramic and wall paint meet!

If you want to add a new visuality to your bathroom and say, ban How can I decorate my bathroom? Dekore we can say that you need to give less space to the ceramics in your bathroom. One of the most striking trends of this year is to use ceramics on certain walls of the bathrooms and to paint the remaining walls with a water-resistant paint. For example, you can coat the shower cubicle with ceramics and paint the other walls with a color that is compatible with the color of your choice.

The separation between the kitchen and bathroom ceramics.

We can say that marble-like ceramics are generally preferred in bathrooms, while plants, fruit or traditional patterned ceramics are preferred in kitchens. So it used to be, but you don’t have to make a distinction anymore. You can also use your preferred ceramics in your kitchen. You can also get help on the floor and create a warm atmosphere.

Tile patterns have more room in your home.

It’s true that china’s fashion never goes away; but this year china house decoration will be mentioned more about the name. There is also a place for your bathroom decoration in which you can place different products and applications in every area of ​​your home! You can choose your ceramic preferences for tile designs and even choose tile patterns in mini wooden storage drawers / boxes.

The secret of the original bath design, using different ceramic patterns together.
This year, it is easier to decide between alternatives. Because in ceramic applications, it is a very popular idea to apply three interlocking ceramic patterns together in a mixed way. Moreover, thanks to this application you can get a unique image in your bathroom. In the meantime, this application from the floor to the ceiling with the form of the strip is very nice to come to life, without specifying.


Freedom in the use of colors

Although the bathroom is generally considered a colorless area, the trends should be free in the use of color. Many bathroom decoration accessories are also available for this trend.

The charm of black makes a difference.
As we mentioned in our article ar New Year’s Winds in your Living Space: 2019 Home Decor Trends ”, this year is the year of black in the bathrooms! In addition to black ceramics and black bathroom cabinets, you can enjoy the charms of black with black batteries, bathroom accessories, bathroom textiles, even shower cabinets with black frames.

If you want to decorate small bathrooms, let us warn you that the use of intense black may make the area smaller. In this respect, you can choose light colors in the use of ceramics and in the bathroom cabinet models you can choose the two-color products that combine the light color and black. If you wish, you can choose the main bathroom products such as bathroom cabinets, ceramics, and you can use your vote on products such as set top bath products, towels, bath mats.

Black bathroom decoration

The energy of the red is the elegance of the field and the keys of the difference layer.

Red is also a trendy color that brings a different dimension to bathroom design. So far, you may not have seen many examples of bathroom decoration, but you can be sure that you will often encounter this.

You can use it to paint the bathroom walls in red color and you can choose these colored products in the bathroom cabinets. It is also possible to use the red in the bathroom accessories to make the energetic atmosphere stronger.

Patterned Glass Shower Cabinets

Even a small object in your bathroom contributed to the decoration, you did not think that your choice of shower cabin was not related to decoration, did you? The choice of shower cabin directly affects the elegance of your bathroom. The choice is to make your choice in line with trends and reach the modern bathrooms.

The shower cabinets are the most popular models of this year, offering stylish visuals with the patterns processed on transparent glass. In addition, the colorless glass, the integrity of the area does not interrupt your bathroom to contribute to the wide look. If you prefer, you can also choose the ceramics you prefer on the wall of the shower cabin, preferring the whole wall, and apply one of the secrets of your bathroom to look more spacious.

Hello to More Useful Baths with Double Sinks

Home bathroom models tell you that you usually need to use a single sink. Here, 2019 changes this view! If you have enough space, the use of double sinks in the bathroom is quite pleasant and useful. Bathroom cabinet options in Koçtaş, ranging in size from 40 cm to 120 cm; it allows you to choose the width of the area and the decoration style you apply. If you need help choosing a bathroom cabinet, our article N What should be considered when choosing a bathroom cabinet? Dol is ready to help you!

The answer to the question var How should the bathroom decoration be?? Of course there is room for the storage areas. Bathroom cabinets are the main products that offer you the storage areas you need. But according to the width of your space. The bathroom cabinet you choose may not always be enough to meet your storage needs. To meet your storage needs in the bathroom, you can get help from the decorative shelves you use frequently in home decoration. Even the furniture used as a bookshelf in the bathroom is also a very popular trend.

Practical double sinks

The Secret of Elegance Folding and Usability Lighting Products
Lighting products, as in every area of ​​the house is also very important in your bathroom. Generally the ceiling lighting is preferred, but the bathroom can help with the lighting in the ceiling. There is also enough light to make your work easier while you are doing makeup or shaving.

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    Glad its not all light and ethereal, I love some deep dark colours in a bedroom. Makes it feel all cozy to me!
    The room with the steps leading up to the level with the bed is wonderful and choice of image…and most of the rest….
    Must have been some work collecting – makes for a fascinating and insightful read.

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