Influence Decoration Ideas in 2019


Decorating your living space to your taste will make it more fun when you spend at home; you can be sure of that. But no matter what decoration style you apply, you need something to make your house look out of fashion: when the trends are in the room! Before we meet 2019, we have shared the decoration ideas that will be the forefront of home decoration this year in our yıl New Year’s Winds: 2019 Home Decorations Trends yıl article. Well, in 2019, do you know the decoration ideas that are considered as out-of-date? Don’t worry at all; Now, we will share your lost decorating ideas in 2019!

Must Stay Away from Non-Natural

Applications highlighting the return to nature were among the most popular home decor ideas in the last few years and this trend continues in 2019 as well. Bring the naturalness to the foreground in your house and stay away from the natural. Now, let us explain in more detail what we need to do and to stay away from.

Small flowers like Sukulent were among the most popular plants when we arrived. But these small plants can increase the rate of naturalness of your home that opens large house plants instead. Just place small plants like sukulent, icons like bathroom, kitchen. Alan Which Plant: Which Plant: Which Plant is the Best Plant Selection and Maintenance Guide Alan is the size of our article. Even if you wish ev Keep Your Insects Away From Your Home ev with our article in your house decorated with trends that do not want to manage your home away from the living area can keep alive.

Besides natural plants, you can also place linear plants on your walls. Of course we are talking about wallpaper application! Wall decoration with large floral patterns, 2019 decorating trends in the best way. Wallpaper application, computer installation.

Not giving sustainability to your home is another issue you should be aware of this year. Products in your home can make recycling possible and take a step closer to a natural home decoration. It’s also not a tiny one: this year is very very specialized, proposes to stay away from the mesh decorative products.


Maximalist and Eclectic Decoration

The eclectic decoration, which is the opposite of minimalist decoration, brings together different styles of decoration and decoration. The minimalist decoration that stands out with the trend of return to nature is the eye of 2019! Multipurpose fields with very few objects can bring you closer to nature with the suggestions we have listed above.

This year, the wall decoration is also adopted in the ”Just!“ History. However, filling the walls with decorative products is also popular. In the meantime, if you want to size large decorative products and walls as few as the number of products. They can hang 3 tables in table size instead of hang 3 tables.

Ordinary Color Combinations

The preferred color palette is one of the elements that best reflects the spirit of home decoration. However, it is often preferable to combine with different types of people. A bedroom created with different shades of modern gray Let us not go without saying that the colors that evoke jewels are also very popular this year. For example, you can place emerald green, indigo blue according to colors. But these colors are quite remarkable. These colors; You can place a table on the wall, decorative cushion on your sofa set. Finally, this year, white is also a very important color to come out. It will be 90% white and 10% other colors to accurately combine white with other colors.

Blue, pink-like, sexist Again, pastel tones or neutral collections can create areas that do not create a feminine or masked perception.

The brass and rosette gold standard, which marked last year, did not enter 2019 so strongly. On this page, you can only place metal products of different colors in the same area rather than prefer metal products of this color. For detailed information about metal products, please read our article Metal Stylish and Remarkable Trend: Spring Decor Ideas For Homes


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