How to prepare the perfect festive table?


How to prepare the perfect festive table? Children will steal the door and ask for candy, you will go to the older ones, the little ones will visit you, the old days will be called ecek Yes, the holiday is coming! Your family, your close relatives, and sometimes your friends. Sometimes you’ll have to eat dessert even though you don’t want to, sometimes you’ll try to find coins to give children pocket money. These are indispensable for holidays. So what’s the situation with those feast tables you meet with your loved ones? If you also like the spirit of feast and you want to entertain your loved ones at your home and at the feast table, you are in the right place. Because now, we are starting to answer the question of ver How should the feast table be?

For a Beautiful Table

Of course, the dishes you make are important, but when your table is not visually pleasing, it can be impossible to prepare a perfect holiday table. Therefore, you should decide what kind of table you will prepare visually. For example, do you use the tablecloths for your guests are washed and ironed, or do you need a new cover? Are you just going to use the tablecloth for the table layout, or will you get help from the runner? Is there a number of superiors who will be able to communicate or will you have to buy? Ask yourself questions like this, and you can find your feasts at a full, beautiful-looking table for your guests. In addition, if you do not have enough space for your guests on your table, you can also evaluate your tables in the areas such as kitchen, balcony, lounge or let your children eat here.

The photo is beautifully set table

How to add to the table and dining area?

Now, if you’re missing out, we can tell you how to make the table more elegant. And maybe there are products you need to do it. In this way, you can get all your needs at a time to avoid unexpected situations at the last moment.

Textile products runners, which are very popular in recent years and used decorative on tables, are among the products that you can use to make your table chic. So, how to use the runner? First, you should put a tablecloth under the runner. If your tablecloth is patternless and light color is patterned and dark color, your tablecloth is patterned and if it is dark color you can choose the patternless and light color runner. You can position the runners with a rectangular design to the table horizontally or vertically (ie under the plates). If you are going to use more than one runner, you should make sure that the distance between the runners is not too small. Otherwise, you may have difficulty creating the effect you want to take from the runner.

The small details you will place on the festive table can help you to make the table more attractive and stylish. For example, candles, candle holders and vases with fresh flowers can change the air of the table. However, you should also remember that intense use of decoration products may disturb your guests.

If you do not want to limit the decoration to a simple table, you can create a corner of your photos with your guests. You can make a pleasant surprise for your loved ones by hanging photos with a latch on the wall. Siniz Do it yourself iz photo detail, you can reach the details by watching our video.

Dining room table completely decorated for Thanksgiving with colors of orange, white, brown, yellow, red with items such as pumpkins, branches with berries, colorful leaves on top of an all white table cloth. Table is fully set with table settings, cutlery, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers and napkins.

What you need to pay attention to the table layout?

The layout of the plates and cutlery in the table layout is very important. The bottom of the plate should be placed on the bottom, both decorative and protective. Then you can put the serving plate, pit plates and the soup bowl on the top. In the fork-knife line, you must place the first one to use the most out of the last. So use should be from outside to inside.

So, what are the things that should be considered in the table layout? Of course not! First you should note that there is enough space between the chairs. Very important for the comfort of your guests! You should place the dishes on the table in a way that all your guests can reach easily. We also recommend that you not forget the often forgotten bread plates when preparing the table. You must place the bread plates with the left side of the main plates.

Couple Eating Lunch with Fresh Salad and Appetizers


Prepare a Menu for Everyone

The holiday menu, which you will enjoy next to your hospitality, is also very important.

After all the festive feast and some nice times spent here! You should cater to all your guests.  We are talking about the necessity that everyone should find something to eat. They are your relatives, you know what they like and you can create your menu in this direction. For example, if you are going to have a vegetarian, you have to have a meatless choice of food, or if you have a guest who does not eat tomatoes, you can make her salad domatessiz. It is also very important to make appropriate meals for the season. For example, in very hot months, too greasy food can disturb you and your guests.

You have to prepare a menu for everyone.

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