How to Design a Small Space Open Floor Plan


Generally, when you see a photograph of an open floor plan, this is spacious and modern design. The kitchen sits away, the large windows allow plenty of natural sunlight, and there may even be space for multiple seating areas. However, since you may have a smaller area, this does not mean that you cannot access an open floor plan. With some smart adjustments you can create a small space open floor plan.

This could be one of the most relevant home projects you can accomplish. If you don’t live in a place that already has a small open space plan, you might have to work with a remodeler, move around, or even design your dream house. However, if you already live with a small open floor plan, some of the following design ideas can help you make the most of your space. Therefore, the cost of this project can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to a new construction, or it can simply be a free effort to roam around furniture.

Minimalist Go With Furniture

If you already have a small open plan or are in the process of designing / finding one, the biggest feature in the space will be furniture. If you work with a smaller space, you will not have much space for multiple seating areas. And you’ll want to make this area look as clear as possible.

The easiest way to work with furniture in an open floor plan with a small area is to actually be big. This is intuitive, but a single large piece of furniture along the wall keeps the space more open. Otherwise, you fill the area with smaller objects, such as individual chairs. Depending on the layout of the room, you can use a long sofa, sectional and even add with love.

Create a Focal Point in your Small Space Open Floor Plan

If you work with a small space open floor plan, you may want to create a focal point to add visual interest to the room. A focal element adds plenty of style to your space without blending into smaller areas where designs can have more working parts. Examples of small area focal points may include:

Small accent wall Real or electric fireplaces (small electric fireplaces fit well in small spaces) One piece larger, dark colored furniture like a bright, colorful sofa Mantel or television on the shop window Great wall art

These ideas also create feelings of your own organization for you will often organize other items such as furniture around the focal point.

Consider Outdoor Balconies

If you’re in the process of finding a new place to live or designing this dream home, an important feature to keep in mind is an open attic design. This way, you have a second story that is visually clear, even if the area is smaller.

An open loft design leads to the illusion that space is much larger than itself. In addition, by opening the space, the small space contributes to the open floor plan feel. This is both illusion and literally a more open design.

Keep Bright

You’ll also want to take a closer look at the room’s color scheme. A common feature of open floor plans is that they tend to remain on the bright and neutral side of the design range. The small floor open plan is no exception. In fact, in smaller areas, it is even more important to keep the area lighter and neutral. Lighter colors make spaces feel free and clear.

Also, keeping the area well-lit will help you feel lighter than darker areas that usually feel automatically closed. Consider elements such as large windows or skylights. They allow natural light to flow into space. If these are not an option, other lighting features such as recessed lighting, pendant lighting and even ordinary chandelier designs brighten the area well.

And remember, everything in this style is to keep the place as open as possible. Small space open floor plan your goal is to make the place feel wider.

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