Enjoy Winter: Winter Garden Decoration and Hobby Corner


Enjoy Winter: Winter Garden Decoration and Hobby Corner. Now, we are confident that about 8 people from 10 people will say 10 Garden and balcony will have time in spring and summer f. However, thanks to the winter garden, you can enjoy these special areas regardless of the season. Now, let us give you the details you need on how to make the winter garden; even in cold weather, we have a great time to spend your time!

When it comes to the winter garden, is there a special area in the garden of a detached house that is built after the renovation of a part of the area? Yes, when you look at the winter garden models, you can usually come across such examples; But it’s true that most of us live in the apartment. For this reason, while giving the ideas of the winter garden, we will talk about the suggestions you can make on the indoor balcony. In other words, in this article you will find the winter garden for the detached houses and the answers of the winter garden on the balcony. So let’s start!

The garden is not essential for the winter garden.

Take Care of the Protected Area

The most important reason for not wanting to spend time outside in the winter is cold weather! Therefore, the most important thing to consider when building a winter garden is that the area is sheltered. By choosing a window or doors, you can create a garden that is both sheltered in winter and spacious during the summer months. Of course, as well as the necessary work for the isolation of the field. Detailed information about heat insulation can be found in our article titled olasyon Hot Houses and Saving Money: Not Insulated ler. If necessary, let’s not change the windows and doors. Because the doors and windows, heat is the leading area that can cause loss.

Make sure the area is sheltered

winter garden

Beautify the walls and the floor

Of course, the furniture you prefer or the decorative products on the winter balcony are of great importance. But first of all, you should give importance to floor and wall decoration which can be seen as the cornerstone of decoration. Floor and wall decoration while you do in other areas of your home can implement the applications. For example, you can paint the walls or paint them with wallpaper if you want. On floors, you can also use parquet or garden flooring as well as ceramics. In the meantime, of course, you should not forget to place a nice rug or carpet on the floor, as in your living spaces.

Deciding how you want to spend time, lead to decoration

For what purpose do you want to spend time in this area? Do you want to use the winter balcony / winter garden more efficiently if you are just passing through the winter garden and enjoying with your loved ones or taking time for your hobbies? Your answers to these questions will guide the decoration of the winter balcony. For example, if you are planning to enjoy only tea and coffee in this area, you can use the seating group, a sofa, even a small console and a middle table, as in the living room decoration. If your aim is to devote time to your hobbies in this area, then a hobby corner is a must! The answer to the question da How to make a hobby corner? Esi is on our video!

In the meantime, to embrace the idea of ​​the hobby corner of the closed balcony decoration of the so-called should not do! You can apply this idea for open balconies and enjoy the spring and summer days.

Young beautiful woman sitting home in the chair by the window with cup of hot coffee wearing knitted warm sweater. Cozy room decorated with lanterns and candles.

Alternative to Color

Decorating your winter garden is no different than actually decorating the living room! In other words, you can use the decorative products you use in your room in this area. For example, you can decorate your walls. Tables and frames, you can put colorful flowers in the vases, you can grow plants in this area. In addition, the winter balcony lighting products in the field in the field you apply to the style of decoration products should not avoid. In addition to the lighting products that work with electrical connection, the garden lanterns and torches used in the winter garden decoration products as well as the lighting of the area are the details that will beautify the area.

There are plenty of alternatives to color the area

It’s a good idea not to wait for the seasons to have a balcony and a garden!

Inside of a winter garden

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