Don’t Forget Your Garden: Garden Care in Autumn


Don’t Forget Your Garden: Garden Care in Autumn. Maybe during the day you enjoyed the beautiful weather in a hammock under a tree, maybe you had a nice time feeling the evening wind with your friends. Yes, spring and autumn seasons can be called “garden season Evet; Because the time spent in the garden during these periods is more than in other seasons. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll neglect garden care in the autumn season because you don’t spend time. Begin your preparations to have a good time in your garden! Now, in this direction, the autumn garden care should be the answer to the question and we need to sort the garden care information.

How to take care of garden in autumn?

Sustaining the Land’s Efficiency

Decorate your garden with colorful flowers and plants, and perhaps even grow vegetables and fruits in this area of ​​your home. If you want to remove all the plants in your garden in the autumn and your garden should only be covered with soil if you’re wrong. Because without the plants, the soil becomes very unprotected. Thanks to its roots, the plants contribute to the health of the soil in your garden by exchanging minerals with the soil. Also thanks to the plants soil; It is less affected by weather conditions such as rain, snow and icing. In the meantime, you should not forget to collect the spilled leaves as well as to clean the lawns with a rake and to ventilate the soil. To maintain the quality of the soil throughout the season, you can fertilize with mineral-rich fertilizers.

Vegetables that can be planted in autumn include lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach, broad beans, garlic and fresh onions. Keep in mind.

It is essential to maintain the fertility of the soil.

Plant and Furniture Transfers

If you have spring and summer plants and flowers in your garden, it will be difficult to live in cold and rainy weather. Therefore, you must transfer the plants to the interior without damaging the roots. If you need to change the pot at this stage, you can get help from the iz Change Space: How to Make Balcony Decoration ura section. If you want to include plants suitable for the season in your garden, camellia, azalea or poinsettia is among the autumn garden plants.

How is plant transfer done?

Garden furniture in the garden during spring and summer is one of the musts for your garden. You can use garden storage solutions to protect your furniture from weather conditions such as rain or snow, or you can evaluate the stylish products such as rattan furniture indoors. If you plan to keep your furniture until spring, you should not disregard your maintenance. So how is the furniture maintenance done between the garden works?

Garden Furniture Maintenance How?
You have to take care of them so that the wooden furniture you have can be with you for a long time. If you have furniture such as swing, iron or plastic furniture, you can cover these products and cover them with furniture cover. Now, let’s list the materials you need for garden furniture maintenance.

  • Teak oil
  • Application brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Furniture cover
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • How to care for garden furniture?

If your materials are complete, you can proceed to the maintenance phase.

You need to sand where needed.

Then you should immerse your brush in teak oil, take the excess and apply it on the furniture.
At the points where the brush does not enter, you can make the operation by dipping the diaper in teak oil.
When storing your furniture, you should cover the furniture covers.
Nice idea to look good in your garden for a perfect garden!

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