4 Ideas for Creative Stepping Stone Pathways


If you are looking for a timeless addition to your garden, consider the stone pathways. They are a rustic and natural element that is perfect for outdoor use. They also have a versatile style. Many stepping stone paths are part of the zen style, because such gardens use stone elements to a large extent. Stepping stones can also be placed on the lawn for a more rustic and aged look. Or they can sit on more modern and tidy gravel boards. Also, many of these styles go well with water features. So take a look below to get inspired to step into the stone paths. You may be building a new path before you know it.


Zen Stepping Stones

As mentioned above, zen styles and stepping stones were created for each other. In the photo above, you can see how well the steps work against sand or gravel designs. Stepping stones provide an additional visual element between all light pebbles. You can also create a visual interest in the garden area by choosing darker stones to sit on light gravel.

Stepping stones are also practical because the road allows you to travel in the garden without disturbing the sand or gravel patterns. In addition, natural textured stepping stones make the space look classic and organic.


Water and Stepped Stone Roads

Stepping stones work well when combined with a garden water feature like a garden pond. Stepping stones were a classic way to cross rivers, streams and other small waterways, so another way to create a classic and rustic element in the backyard.

With this idea you can go in several different directions. You can create a more clearly defined track with larger stepping stones, as in the photo above. It is also common to see stepped stones in the back gardens. These are for show rather than actual use, but give it a romantic and adventurous feel.


Set Stepping Stones

Another idea for stepping stone paths is to place stepping stones in the soil, thus allowing the grass to grow around, and in some cases, on them. This gives the impression that the stone road is very old and has a rustic charm. The selection of deep textured stones also makes the stones look old and gives the shape of natural cut stones a more rustic look.

Placing the stones in a mosaic pattern also attracts tons of visual attention. Stepping on stone paths like this is good in natural looking gardens, leads to pool areas or closes the gap between terrace areas, as a few ideas.


Pebbles and Stepping Stones

Not all stepped stone paths need to look rustic. The clean pebble stone carved in the photo above is so arranged that it has a modern charm. The colored pebbles give the visual appearance some visual texture and neutral stepping stones emerge. This style works well in garden areas where plants are clearly identified and organized, as the photo above shows.

The stepping stones themselves have an attractive small design, covered with concrete. This style reminds us that we are free to make our own step stone designs, because it is very simple to create. In this way, you can get a personal and artistic look in the garden.

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